When you speak to Peter Rask, CEO of Moteo Group, it is clear that he is passionate about motorcycles and how they can improve the everyday lives of people and make European cities more accessible.

Moteo has been an institution in distribution of two-wheeled vehicles in Europe for 76 years, and currently sells more than 40,000 vehicles yearly in five countries. The company has a long history in quality distribution, including being the first European distributor of Suzuki in 1958. “Moteo Group is a traditional business in a sense. It started out by producing motorcycles, and then started importing and distributing to dealers various motorcycle and scooter brands like BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki, SYM, and Peugeot.”

Distributing to more than 10,000 dealers across Europe, Moteo is a market leader, but is having to build itself back up after the global financial crisis. Prior to the GFC, Moteo had been successfully expanding outside its core business in Europe, but the contraction of the market after the crash in 2007 made this unviable.