As a leading provider of aerial-work platforms and lifts in the European market, Dinolift has been serving its satisfied customers and developing its innovative products for 40 years.

Petri Paavolainen, Managing Director of Dinolift, spoke to The CEO Magazine about the company’s strengths and successes over the past four decades.

The CEO Magazine: How did your career lead you to your current role?

Petri: Before this, I worked for a company in the material-handling business for 12 years. I have been involved in various things, starting in production and then becoming a factory manager. I then got an assignment to establish a factory in Estonia where we would outsource products and production. I then jumped over to the service business where I worked in development, starting up operations in new countries and looking after acquired units.

In 2010, I moved to Austria to be responsible for the company’s business development in south-east Europe, and to acquire new businesses. In 2013, I came back to Finland and I was responsible for the business development in the whole Region Europe.