For more than 160 years, Hästens has been dedicated to crafting the best sleep. Specialising in superior beds, the company has skilled crafters who make each mattress by hand using only the finest natural materials.

Robert Carlén is the current CEO and believes the future is looking brighter than ever for the luxury label which has a presence in 40 countries around the world. “I think there is a growing concern in societies about sleep and the lack of sleep and what it causes,” he says. “Many studies show that sleep deprivation and troubles have doubled over the past 25 years, especially in developed countries. It has become a big health factor.

“We find that people are stopping to talk about this more and more and the insights into sleeping well with a good product are increasing. We believe that quality producers like Hästens will benefit from this increased awareness about the importance of sleeping well.”

Robert has been leading the Hästens team since December 2013, a role he took on to coordinate the global management team and start a three-year strategy phase which included growth and expansion. Prior to that he was the chief financial officer for the company.