As a leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of branded cider and beer, C&C Group has a range of household names under its wing. With headquarters in Dublin and manufacturing operations in Tipperary, Ireland; Glasgow, Scotland; Somerset, England; and Vermont, USA, C&C Group is perfectly positioned to continue to grow its substantial presence in key markets around the world.

Cider and beer lovers will instantly recognise the brands that call the C&C Group home. The group manufactures Bulmers—the leading Irish cider brand, Magners—the premium international cider brand, Woodchuck—the leading cider brand in the United States, Blackthorn—the English cider brand, and Tennent’s—the iconic Scottish beer brand. As the group has evolved its business model in its core markets, it has also acquired Gleeson Group, Ireland’s leading distributor of beverages and the producer of Finches soft drinks and Tipperary water; and Wallaces Express, a leading distributor of beverages in Scotland.

Stephen Glancey, CEO of C&C Group, has been with the group since 2008 and brings his wealth of experience to the table as the group looks to continue to build on its success in developing a brand-led, customer-centric business with strong multi-beverage positions in Ireland and Scotland and strong cider brands in England, the US and many international markets. Following undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and a qualification in accountancy, Stephen worked with Ernst & Young and Whitbread. Following a period in Luxembourg as a consultant for Ernst & Young, Stephen joined Scottish & Newcastle [!s!] in 1992. S&N was the UK’s leading long-alcohol drinks company and a former member of the FTSE 100 prior to its acquisition by Heineken and Carlsberg.