The first thing you notice about Fi Bendall is how switched on to the entire world she is. Observant, with a quick mind, it’s obvious that she knows exactly what she is talking about. In a world filled with those who talk a lot about digital economy but rarely do anything, every word Fi speaks comes from a place of experience and knowledge. She is personable and friendly, and you can’t help but be drawn into listening to her talk and be convinced by her big ideas for the future of business.

Fi started her career in her native England, originally in advertising. Her first job was with a consumer electronics publication, meaning that understanding technology has been her job since day one. Progressing to become group marketing director of the publishing house, from here Fi’s career took her to opening her own businesses. Business one came with her first child, business two with baby two as she worked across London and New York consulting for companies including Sony, Virgin, and the BBC. After deciding on a sea change because she was sick of trains running late and the damp and wet of London, Fi moved to Australia, settling in sunny Sydney. It was here that Fi had baby three and founded Bendalls Group 11 years ago, and has been CEO of the company ever since.