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Moving pictures: Jayne Kwek

Jayne Kwek CEO of Moove Media

Jayne Kwek, CEO of Moove Media, sees the role of a leader as almost an artistic endeavour. “I picture myself as a conductor in an orchestra,” says Jayne. “You lift some of your team members up, and calm others so that everyone can match the same pitch. It comes down to having the right sort of heartbeat, the right harmony. It aligns the team to the core goal, the objective that I set for every one of us in Moove Media.”

This cultural alignment is a priority for the advertiser. All new additions to Moove are given a handbook on the company’s values and mission – Jayne calls it their bible – to achieve a unified, aligned team. It is not about telling her staff what to do, as much as giving them a clear insight into what it means to be part of Moove.

Jayne joined Moove Media, the advertising arm of transport company ComfortDelGro, as the CEO in 2005. Her first two weeks in the role were dedicated to “trying to carve out the culture niche”. Without that effort, it would have been impossible to forge a clearly defined mission for the company, which has proven a necessity in the rich, diversified media landscape of today.

“It is a constellation of big pictures, big ideas and big data,” says Jayne. “Now that we are in the age of big data, we are going to embark on a digital platform. Obviously, we are going to pair that with what Moove Media has always been known for. We are a traditional, conventional business. It has been effective, but when we pair our experience with the digital opportunities we can provide, it is going to be powerful. It is going to be explosive.”

Jayne Kwek CEO of Moove Media
Jayne Kwek, CEO of Moove Media

Though known for traditional, 2D advertising, displayed on the side of buses and taxis, Moove has been embracing innovative new directions in advertising. With digital media becoming ubiquitous, the advertiser has introduced cutting-edge platforms, such as advertisements embedded in taxi entertainment systems and in the Singapore Bus Service app.

One of the company’s most futuristic creations is its recently unveiled holographic displays – the first incarnation featured vivid, 3D animations of US sports shoe brand Skechers, against an impressive mural. Jayne hopes to see Moove Media utilising this kind of technology more, with augmented reality and other 3D advertisements displayed on buses and trains.

“The world is like a blank canvas,” says Jayne. “It is up to us – to me – to be able to fill that canvas with ideas. When ideas come up, they must stand out, and grow. The ideas must be extraordinary and unpredictable. If you fulfil that criteria, then you get an exciting, deeper level of fresh ideas, providing inspiration both for the public, and for me and my team.”

To encourage her team to create these exciting ideas, Jayne ensures they are provided with seminars and lessons, to help them better meet the demands of clients. With the staff kept well-educated, Moove Media can be agile and accurately gauge what the customer wants from the advertiser.

It is this approach that has led Moove Media to introduce ingenious advertisements, like an enormous 3D praying mantis for a Wildlife Reserves Singapore ad, or crates of apples for Strongbow cider. Even more remarkable was a “concept bus”, transforming the interior of a bus into a beach-themed ad for coconut water. The creativity behind each of these campaigns is a demonstration of Moove’s dedication to standing out in the industry.

“Our brand is fun-loving, fashionable and trendy,” Jayne says. “I believe Moove Media is a brand well-loved by everyone. As clients, the industries want to be able to trust us with their budget, so we can handle and promote their brands, their campaigns.

“We must be able to capture what the trends are and what the clients are looking for, so we can make Moove Media their first choice. That is the sort of building we need to do. Internally, as a company, we need to ask whether the staff are ready for that challenge. Are they informed enough to be able to speak with the clients, or to provide the answers that the clients want?”

When her team achieves success, Jayne and Moove Media’s management are quick to acknowledge the extraordinary work they do. As far as Jayne is concerned, it is a self-sustaining cycle – recognition keeps the Moove team satisfied, happy and motivated, which leads to better performance and further success.

Jayne Kwek CEO of Moove Media

Equally important to Moove Media’s smooth operation is Jayne’s efforts to be a role model for her team. “We should practise conscious leadership,” she declares. “We should make sure that whatever we do, we try to do what is right. We do the right thing because the team is watching us and the way we act. How do we conduct ourselves? Do we conduct ourselves the way we preach?”

It is important to Jayne that a sense of inspiration is instilled in her team; it is what drives her own work. While Moove Media’s revenue has shot up by 47% net profit in her helm, it is not so much the financial success that drives Jayne, as the opportunity to be part of something bigger.

“When ideas come up, they must stand out and grow. the ideas must be extraordinary and unpredictable.”

“It is to be able to wake up in the morning and have that opportunity to create something that can be extraordinary, to contribute to the business. I feel privileged to be able to work with our leaders – the previous and present MDs as well as board members. Leaders who are capable, honourable, and above all, compassionate.”

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