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Gina Rinehart & Barry Fitzgerald

Photo of Gina Rinehart & Barry Fitzgerald - CEO of Roy Hill

The landmark mining operation at Roy Hill is moving from strength to strength as it continues to pass milestones in Australia and overseas. Delivering 55 million tonnes of high grade iron ore per annum, the project —which includes a processing plant, 344-kilometre heavy-haul railway, mine and port stockyards and wharf facilities—is using cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas to position itself as a leader in the industry in terms of production and performance. Progress is running ahead of schedule, and it is expected that the first shipment of ore will be loaded for export later this year.

Roy-Hill Barry Fitzgerald was appointed Chief Executive Officer in June 2012 and is the man at the helm of this world-class development.  He is the one ultimately responsible for bringing the project online.  With a career spanning more than 30 years in the resources and engineering sectors and having held senior management and executive positions with engineering and iron ore companies – Barry knows very well the challenges associated with constructing a project like Roy Hill.

Over the past few years, Barry has witnessed significant growth and success at Roy Hill as it leads the way in the development of integrated iron ore mining and rail and port operations.

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