As with many businesses, the idea for Hudson Homes came from seeing a gap in the market and realising that money could be made by filling it. CEO and founder of Hudson Homes, Danny Assabgy, saw a gap in the housing market for good-quality house and land packages and decided that he was going to fill it. It proved extremely successful, and only two and a half years later the company has won a number of awards, grown substantially, and ranked number one in BRW’s ‘Fast Starters’ list for 2015.

“The company started off with a really good business plan,” Danny explains. “There’s a major builder in Victoria that has been around for 60-odd years. About five years ago, I presented them with an idea to set up a new division which specialised in bringing high-quality, owner-occupied homes to the investment market.”

This idea came from Danny’s experience in the property and finance industries. He studied accounting and law at university, and began his career working for an accountancy firm that specialised in insolvency, then moving into the business, real estate, and financial planning sectors. “I think that those first four years of working in the insolvency world gave me a really good understanding of what not to do in business, and I’ve applied those rules into every business I have run ever since,” Danny says.