Mark Pomeroy, CEO of Pomeroy Pacific, came from a background in law before taking the reins of the family business. In his position, he'’s responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the organisation. He’'s also very much focused on client relationships within the business as well as growing the strategic partnerships with key suppliers and consultants. His role also includes overseeing Pacific Floors, a company dedicated to providing timber flooring and strand-woven vinyl wall and floor coverings to residential, retail, and office projects throughout Australia and Asia.

Stepping into the CEO role, the first challenge Mark had to contend with was building on the 40-plus years of success his father had established with the company. "“As most readers would know, a father –son business relationship often leads to volatile and unhealthy business relationships. I am very fortunate that the relationship between my father and I is one of respect and mutual admiration and one that has been instrumental in the success of the business."

"“Even though he has a wealth of great knowledge and experience, I like to think that we are always learning from each other and continue to challenge the norms of the past to innovate and excel into the future. While we work closely together, his role as a mentor and friend has been invaluable to the continued growth of my career and the business.”"