Managing Director and CEO of Satterley Property Group Nigel Satterley formed the company in 1980 as a small suburban agency. Today, the organisation boasts the most extensive project-management portfolio in Western Australia, with more than 140 residential projects under its belt and more than 50,000 sold lots. Nigel says he is proud that the group has been creating wholesome, healthy, and secure communities for over three decades.

“I sold out of my homebuilding company in 1980 and started Satterley Property Group on 1 July 1980,” he explains. “When we started, we were a suburban real estate agency and consultancy that sold general real estate. We also did a lot of work with the finance houses, companies, and banks on distressed assets. We helped them finish construction, got them ready for sale, and sold them. We worked for a number of receivers.

“In 1982, we ventured into the first major land subdivision. By 1990, the business had changed significantly because we were a land-development company rather than a busy general real estate company. In the early days, we were involved with small 65- to 70-square-metre trendy apartments. In 1982, the average suburban block was 700 square metres, 20 metres wide and 35 metres deep. Today, the average block is 375 square metres, 12.5 metres wide and 30 metres deep.

“We have seen many changes in lot sizes, and homes have become better designed. The formal living room has been deleted and homes are now suited to more open-style living. We don’t build the houses, but we work closely with the homebuilders.”