Technology continues to become more pervasive and intelligent as time goes by. Phones have turned into miniature computers and there are software apps for basically every need people can come up with. So why hasn’t similar technology been incorporated into Australia’s residential market? We’ve been so focused on the technological advancement of mobility that we’ve neglected the domain that means the most to us: our homes.

This trend is not an international standard; numerous homes across Asia have integrated technology to make living more streamlined and convenient. Automation technology is slowly making its mark on the local market, but one developer has revolutionised the way technology and home services can create a new lifestyle for high-density dwellings.

CEO of Longton Property Group Steven Yu began his career as a lawyer before launching one of the most innovative developers in the national sector. “I didn’t see the transition from law to property development coming myself,” Steven explains. “I think that’s the beauty of life: you never know where it will take you to. A few years back, I was at law school and working as a lawyer. Now I’m in property development, which I believe gives you more satisfaction. In law, you work on documentation, fight court cases, and draft hundreds of pages of legal documents, and you never really get any satisfaction out of it. Property development is something quite different: you build apartments and deliver a home to someone, and that is quite satisfying and the thing that has really brought me into this sector.”

The satisfaction of providing homes for people isn’t the only motivator behind Steven’s career choice. Steven enjoys high quality when it comes to décor and design, which has been a major element of Longton’s developments. “I was reading an article on the plane that said, ‘The competitiveness of the product depends on how unique the product is because you have to compete with similar competitors’, so I started thinking about how we could make our developments ‘more unique’.”