After the memoir Hyne-Sight was printed in 1980, Jon Kleinschmidt made the switch from working in the beverage-manufacturing industry to timber, starting the next chapter for Australia’'s largest privately owned timber company, Hyne Timber.

Having worked in a variety of industries and locations, Jon'’s knowledge in the industry is as extensive as his successes. He was able to steer the company through the challenges of the global financial crisis, and moved from the role of general manager, finance and administration, to joint CEO before being appointed as the sole CEO in October 2012.

"“The present time is a career high for me,"” Jon says. “"Timber manufacturing and the use of both timber and engineered timber are, without doubt, entering into an innovative construction phase that I'’m excited to be a part of. There are architects challenging building codes by using engineered timber as their product of choice for multistorey buildings. Projects such as the Wood Innovation and Design Centre in the Canadian Province of British Columbia provide six storeys of engineered timber inspiration. It's strong, aesthetically pleasing, high-quality design is flexible, while originating from a renewable, environmentally friendly natural material.”"