With 20 years of senior management experience in the UK retail industry, Alistair McGeorge is well equipped to lead Australian icon BIG W forward as its managing director. He was appointed to the role mid last year and has since been working to develop a clear vision and strategy to reinvigorate the brand. His plan is to take the heritage of what BIG W has always done well— having the best range, brands, and value for money— and then adding to that by providing a great service to customers, an exciting shopping experience, and a greater degree of innovation.

“Obviously, I wouldn'’t have come all this way if I didn’t think there was a great opportunity,” Alistair says. “I looked at the whole of Australian retailing, not just at BIG W, and to be very frank I think there'’s a lot of opportunity here. Australia is well behind the rest of the world, particularly in terms of presentation and service. I thought that BIG W had the makings of a great business, but quite clearly needed to start to develop its point of difference to make sure that it resonated with customers.