Clark Rubber is one of those iconic Australian brands that almost everyone knows. From back in the 1960s and 70s, Australians could turn on their televisions and hear the Clark Rubber jingle, about how a swimming pool was ‘better than a beach in your backyard’. These days Clark Rubber has expanded their business outside of swimming pools, and are focusing on growth in new sectors to try and ensure the business is season proof.

Current CEO Eddie MacDonald has been with the business for just over a year, talking the helm when previous CEO Chris Malcolm resigned. Eddie started his career with BP, taking a trainee role after graduating from James Cook University with a bachelor of commerce. From there he worked for a number of companies, including Australia Post, Mattel, Colorado and Harvey Norman, as well as completing an MBA with the Melbourne Business school in 1998. With a long history in retail, particularly in the Australian market, he was a good choice for the role and to reinvent the company, which needed a shakeup.