A.S.Adventure’s loyal customers are as varied as the incredible amount of on-trend products it sells, yet they all have a love of the great outdoors and an active lifestyle in common. Positioning itself as the go-to store for ‘globetrotters, nature lovers, and active leisure time hedonists’, its clientele are always on the lookout for gear that is as cool as it is practical and durable. From adventurers fuelled by adrenaline and a permanent case of wanderlust, to people who simply want to be dressed right to take on a bucket list adventure or join friends on a ski holiday, the company sells clothing and equipment to cater for almost any situation.

If you’re after anything from Bear Grylls-style survival gear, specialised running shoes or the latest in biking or camping equipment, to a bright new bikini or a hardy backpack to cart your gear around Europe, A.S.Adventure has something up its sleeve.

That’s not surprising at all when you consider the fact that A.S.Adventure stocks over 50,000 products at any one time. From cool maps of the world where you can scratch off the places you’ve been, to heart rate monitors, sunglasses and toys and games for kids while on the road, A.S.Adventure has every base covered.

A.S.Adventure started its days in 1995 as a small family-owned operation in Belgium, and continued to be privately owned for more than two decades. In 2007, founder Emiel Lathouwers sold 85 per cent of the company to British company Lion Capital, which brought current CEO and Executive Chairman Frédéric Hufkens on board to lead the business. Frédéric has specialist experience in both retail and brand management and was tasked with overhauling the corporate structure of the business and breathing new life into the company.