As one of Australia’s leading providers of retail and financial services to niche consumer and commercial markets, Thorn Group Australia is determined to give Australians a fair go. With a range of renowned brands including Radio Rentals, Rentlo, Cashfirst, National Credit Management Limited, Thorn Equipment Finance, and Thorn Financial Services, the company provides financial alternatives to both consumers and businesses that may otherwise have difficulty accessing these products and services.

Following its initial public offering on the Australian Securities Exchange in December 2006, Thorn Group has gone from strength to strength with the introduction of a variety of new products, services, and brands. As Australia’s largest domestic and commercial rent-to-own [!rto!] company, Thorn Group boasts multiple brand channels, with annual revenues in excess of $190 million and a workforce of more than 730 staff.

As the leader of these employees, Thorn Group’s CEO and Managing Director John Hughes recently spoke at the 2013 CEO Summit about nurturing cultures of innovation and empowering the customer experience. In his address, John stated that belief and persistence are vital components when pursuing consistent innovation. However, he believes that the reality and delivery of that innovation is primarily based on bravery and excellence in execution.