At the age of 22, founder and CEO of Siren Design Mia Feasey began her career as a part-time resource librarian at Geyer Design. Mia rose quickly to a junior designer position at the company before transferring to a small architectural practice to further her skills. Mia joined forces with a builder at age 24 to establish a design and construction company, taking on the role as managing director.

Responding to the growing demand from clients for a pure interior design consultancy, Mia founded Siren Design Group. Beginning with a small core design team in Kent Street, Sydney, Siren has grown from five staff to 30 in just eight years across Australia and Singapore. Siren specialises in corporate, hospitality, residential development, commercial building, and retail design, boasting an impressive local and international clientele including AGL, Accenture, Carolina Herrera, Facebook, Lend Lease, NAB, Yahoo!7, Coles, Boeing, STW Group, WPP, Aldi, Mission Australia, and Greenpeace.

Mia began mastering her craft and widening her network and understanding of the industry. “Siren has been the ‘wild card’ in many tenders against a line-up of large, traditional commercial interior design firms,” Mia says. “Siren has been, quite literally, the ‘David’ against the ‘Goliaths’. I felt lucky to win the first few jobs from the large firms, but when it started to happen more frequently, I realised clients were drawn to the core of the Siren brand. Our clients understand that their success is at the centre of everything we do.”