When Robert Rowe took the giant step of establishing his own fit-out business, he knew he would either sink or swim. At the age of 23, he set up Tu Projects, developed a unique piece of software, and ultimately changed the way shopfitting was approached.

Because Robert grew up in a shopfitting family, the business was in his blood —and seeing the potential in the industry, he knew there was more to be done. With a history in the retail and shopfitting industries, and with his parents still a decade away from retirement, he knew the only way to achieve his vision would be to go out on his own.

"I worked on the factory floor of my family’'s business, which later led to opportunities in estimation,"” Robert says. “"I was also working in retail for a number of years while working for my parents. After estimating, I got into project management and started bringing in a lot of business for my family’'s company. I was working almost seven days a week leading into starting my own company, and then seven days a week after. I was 23 when I realised I couldn’'t control my enthusiasm and passion to do something different in the market anymore, so I saw an opportunity and took it."”