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Brand Power: Sai Ramana Ponugoti

Health, wellbeing and cleanliness have been top of mind for many during the coronavirus pandemic, and Procter & Gamble (P&G) Vietnam is poised to provide the best solutions to these emerging needs of its consumers.

Sai Ramana Ponugoti, Country Manager and Vice President of Procter & Gamble

The trusted household brand’s iconic products like Ariel, Downy, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Rejoice, Gillette and Pampers started making a name for themselves more than 181 years ago by cleverly combining what’s necessary with what’s possible. And today, its innovative work has arguably never been more essential.

“We are going through challenging times but also some exciting times,” says P&G Country Manager and Vice President Sai Ramana Ponugoti.

“As we look forward, our focus lies in three main areas: to protect the health and wellbeing of our people; to maximise the availability of our products that help people with their health, hygiene and cleaning needs – of which the need has never been greater; and to really support the communities, relief agencies and people on the front lines of this global pandemic.

“Together, these three priorities will ensure that P&G is there for the employees, consumers and communities who have always been there for us.” P&G Vietnam is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the country this year.

The American multinational consumer goods corporation was one of the first global companies to see the potential and invest in Vietnam. And now, it has more than two decades of proof that it made the right choice.

“We have seen great growth in Vietnam as we launched and grew many of our global brands like Downy, Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Gillette, Safeguard and more,” Sai says. “That is why we are full of confidence to continue investing in Vietnam and sustain the growth of our business.”

The reason for P&G’s ongoing success in this country with a population of nearly 100 million people, according to Sai, basically boils down to three main points: P&G’s incredible consumer knowledge, strong brand and product innovations to satisfy the high expectations of the Vietnamese consumers and go-to-market S-curve innovations.

“Vietnam is a great source of talent – a critical enabler for all businesses investing in the country,” he explains. “And the power of our P&G people is very important. That’s why we hire the best and groom young talent into future leaders.”

Having lived in 10 cities spanning three countries and travelling to 60-plus countries during his lifetime, Sai is a firm believer in the power of diversity. “At P&G, we aspire to create a company and a world where equality and inclusion are achievable for all,” he says.

With the heart of a startup and the resources of a global corporation, we are always looking for imaginative ways to reinvent every aspect of our business.

“We believe in the power of our differences and the impact we can make when we unite over shared values and a purpose. “And we are committed to being a force for good and a force for growth, which is why our people and our brands look good every single day, whether it’s supporting hygiene education, providing a simple necessity like water or by delivering essentials to families impacted by disaster. Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of every community we touch.”

P&G’s intense, people-centred focus is more than inspiring; it’s a catalyst for change. When it’s serving consumers through corporate social responsibility programs, delivering the comforts of home, improving health and hygiene facilities, providing clean water for those in need, tackling climate change and addressing long-standing issues of inequality, that’s when the company gets its best ideas.

“As we innovate, we find inspiration in people, their needs, values, desires and passions. This focus on people impacts how we approach innovation across all areas,” Sai reveals. “With the heart of a startup and the resources of a global corporation, we are always looking for imaginative ways to reinvent every aspect of our business.”

This mindset helps P&G navigate disruption with ease, understanding that the only constant is change. “Disruption is inevitable. By understanding and embracing it, however, it’s possible to create a kind of constructive disruption that propels businesses forward, allowing them to keep pace with the changing markets and the consumers’ evolving needs,” Sai says.

“Therefore, success in our highly competitive industry requires the agility that comes with a mindset of constructive disruption, a willingness to change and adapt, and create new trends and technologies that will shape our industry for the future. So far, we’ve amassed a lot of success and we believe the best is still yet to come.”

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