As one of the first businesses in Denmark to venture into the online market, STYLEPIT is a pioneer in its industry, forging the fast-paced online fashion market of today.

Thomas Wandahl, Group CEO of STYLEPIT, spoke to The CEO Magazine about the evolution of this ground-breaking online icon.

The CEO Magazine: What are the origins of STYLEPIT and what’s been your role in its growth?

Thomas: The company was founded back in 2000 in a classic offline retail basement by two guys. They started to sell clothes on the web and ship them from their basement. They were one of the first e-commerce businesses in Denmark. The growth started from there.

When they first started, they focused on men’s clothing. Once that became a success, they moved into women’s clothing, kids’ clothing, and sportswear. After that, they decided to move into overseas markets and we’re now in 20 international markets, where we’re selling fashion goods online.

I actually haven’t been part of the company for that long. I took over last year. The initial founders wanted to take the company to the next leve,l and one of them wanted to step down, so they wanted a new CEO.