As a leading business process management (BPM) company, WNS Global Services offers vital value to more than 200 clients around the world by combining operational excellence with deep domain expertise in key industry verticals.

Keshav R Murugesh, Group CEO of WNS Global Services, and Chairman of the NASSCOM BPM Council in India, sat down with The CEO Magazine to discuss the company’'s transformation in recent years as it has restructured and reimagined its processes and priorities.

The CEO Magazine: What are some of the common concerns you hear from CEOs, and how do you help them address these? Has WNS seen remarkable growth in recent years under your leadership?

Keshav: Let me first set a context about business in general today. It'’s a new world order where traditional business strategies don’'t work anymore. Technology, digitisation, globalisation, and economic volatility have completely transformed the business landscape. Concerns such as retaining market share in the face of constant innovation and disruptive changes, facing a burgeoning number of unprecedented business models due to changed consumer behaviour, and building an agile, world-class organisation that can grow sustainably are some of the concerns that keep CEOs awake at night.

Therefore, it’'s a no-brainer that CEOs are actively looking at ways and means to achieve their business goals, even if it means moving away from conventional business models. Outsourcing of certain non-core business processes from locations that are far away from their own shores, while focusing on their core business, is now becoming the business norm.