The adage ‘It’s how you play the game’ is taken to heart at the World Rugby Specialists Group, with its 90 staff treated as teammates rather than as employees.

WRS Group is the parent company of KooGa, Silverfern, Linebreak, Brant Media, and the new, strong-performing brand BLK.

With offices in Australia, Japan, England, and the United States, WRS is more than ready to compete on the global stage.

The CEO Magazine spoke to WRS Group CEO Tyron Brant about the team’s strong performance through the GFC, the company’s core values, and its strategies for the future.

“I was involved at ground level in establishing the company in 1999, and it just grew from there to where we are today. We were playing rugby in the United Kingdom at the time and we brought back some headgear and shoulder pads. We realised there was a bit of a gap in the market because there was an incumbent brand that basically had 100 per cent market share. I suppose whenever there’s a monopoly in the marketplace, there’s an opportunity” states Tyron.