When Dominique Leroy was first appointed as the CEO of international telecommunications company Proximus Group, she says she was a somewhat unusual choice for the role. While she had ample skills and expertise to take the business forward, her professional background was in a completely different industry: fast-moving consumables. However, this turned out to be a positive thing because it meant she could come into the top job with a fresh perspective. She wasn’t bogged down by the traditional views of how a telco should be run and could take a new approach for the long-term benefits of the business.

“I’m not a technology specialist by any means,” she says. “I am much more concentrated on what is important for the customer.

“How can we be more customer centric and make sure that our technology helps our customers to work smarter and live better? When I think about our purpose, that’s probably the most important thing.

“I am proud that we are not driving technology for the sake of it. We are driving technology to see how we can better serve our customers; be it in their private lives, by giving them easier access to their content, data and friends, or in the enterprise business, by making sure we offer not only connectivity, but also value-added services. Our whole philosophy is really about enhancing the value for our customers. That’s one of the biggest changes I have brought into the company and what I am most proud of.”