Over the past 5 years, Martyn Barnett has seen his company evolve dramatically. RMG Networks has always been the go-to business for acquiring, aggregating, and visualising real-time data to drive productivity. Historically, its key market has been global call centres, and it is still a leader in this space. However, in working with 70% of the Fortune 100 businesses, RMG Networks is helping companies realise how the availability of real-time data can change the landscape in all functional areas to improve efficiency, engagement, and profitability.

“What I have seen is a real move towards the next level of what real-time data visualisation is,” Martyn says. “It is no longer good enough to just display key performance metrics on a wallboard. What the market demands now, and what our solutions provide, is the ability for the message on the screen, or wallboard, tablet, mobile, video wall, desktop, or whatever the endpoint is, to influence behavior through engagement.

“Looking back 5 years, certainly RMG Networks — which was previously called Symon Communications — has always been the company of choice for displaying real-time data on wallboards. But today we have evolved our solutions and capabilities to modify and influence agent and employee behavior based on what the data is telling us.”

RMG Networks has introduced new solutions and services such as gamification and resolution messaging, which provide a call-to-action and a sense of competition (against peers, colleagues, or even individual targets). Those are the incentives for customers that are enabling RMG to drive business more productively, to inspire and engage employees, and to deliver a stronger return on investment. The key is the intelligent use of data to modify behaviour, rather than simply displaying data in and of itself.