Wai King Wong, Axis Communication'’s Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, came from a strong technical background before taking on his current role. “"I started as a systems engineer back in early 1995-–96, and worked at that time with Microsoft and Cisco. I was actually in Malaysia at that time with a company called CSC; it used to be called CSA in Asia until CSC bought them up."

“"As a systems engineer, I was doing a lot pre-sales as well. I was also one of the consultants for business intelligence tools. At the time, everyone was worried about Y2K. It was such a bust thing, but I was involved in the Y2K implementation as well. That was an exciting, interesting time, but it was unfortunate because I was expecting something big and drastic to happen, but it didn’'t.”"

Following the non-event of Y2K, Wai King moved to Ingram Micro as a sales and product manager, mainly managing the company’'s network products. “"Looking at the task itself, it was interesting because the revenue generated during that time was very minimal. It was very hard to sustain and retain, so I had to change up the plan."

“"The good thing is, as I progressed at Ingram, we grew into one of the largest networking distributors in Malaysia. At the end of my term in Ingram, we had nearly all networking vendors except VCall. I had a team of five product managers at Ingram reporting to me, and I also managed a team of technical experts. I managed the technical department in Ingram, and I managed the army division as well as the pre-sales division. It was all fairly new in terms of the network product team as well as the army team and the technical division team."”