Throughout its many years of operation, Nationwide Towing & Transport has chosen a very deliberate path in building its business by investing significantly in people, quality, safety, training, fleet, and ICT, which sets the benchmark for the industry.

As the leading Australian towing services player, Nationwide completes more than 25,000 tows per month and services a wide range of customers, from one-off transportation or relocation jobs through to servicing major organisations such as the state-based automotive clubs, police, road authorities, local councils, and large Australian and multinational corporations.

Rob Nicholls, CEO of Nationwide, attributes the company’'s success to “a sustained strategic focus and significant capital investment, overlaid with great people, to build a platform that generates value for our customers.”

"“In the past five years, following this strategy,”" Rob says, “"we’'ve invested more than $30 million in information communications technology, quality and workplace health and safety systems and procedures, training, fleet, and people to ensure that we deliver into the requirements of our customers.”"