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Sergey Galin

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Taking its cue from tech giants like Apple and Amazon, both companies, Shamrock Shipping and Trading and BeFlexi Limited, have embraced innovation and new technologies in order to expand and grow their businesses. The CEO Magazine chats to CEO and Founder Sergey Galin.

The CEO Magazine: What is your professional background?

Sergey: I started my professional life when I was 20 years old in the biggest global company in petroleum trading in the Soviet Union — basically it was the only company trading at that time. Since then I have been involved in many projects related to petroleum products — petrochemicals and crude oil — and later on in the trading and financing of those projects such as storage, maintenance, and pipeline delivery.

By the time I decided to set up my own company, I had been in the industry for a long time and I had a very good understanding, and plenty of knowledge, to set in place what I wanted to achieve.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned?

Reputation is a key element. If you are honest, innovative, and you have strength, and a pure understanding of what you are trying to achieve, the rest will come. But if you don’t have a reputation, it’s much more difficult to reach your goals — even if your vision is progressive and knowledge is sufficient. Therefore, in whatever I do — the reputation, the name that I have earned for the ability to fulfil what I have promised, has always been the most important thing, and still is.

Are there any plans for further growth and expansion in the near future?

Until now, Shamrock has been positioning itself in the market as a one-stop shop for the lubricant industry — we supply our clients and our customers with whatever they need to produce finished lubricants. This includes plastics, base oils, components, and additives. In the past 18 months we have looked to move into the market of fuel additives, which improve the characteristics and productivity of a range of fuels like gasoline and diesel. We have established fantastic sales and marketing channels, which will entrench our position in the global market considerably. That will contribute to our future expansion, and we’re very excited about the market and the upcoming opportunities.

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