EnOcean is the originator of patented ‘energy harvesting’ wireless technology, manufacturing maintenance-free wireless sensor solutions for use in buildings, smart home and industrial applications as well as in further application fields such as the Internet of Things. The company, based in Germany, was founded in 2001 and helps businesses in a variety of different sectors to achieve savings of as much as 40 per cent in energy and operating costs.

Dr Wald Siskens, CEO of EnOcean, was appointed to the role in September last year. He has a strong vision for the company and has set about implementing three key strategic targets. The first has been to secure and expand the leadership in the existing business of building automation. "“We want to make sure that we continue to realise that it’s our loyal customers who pay our paycheck,”" Wald explains. "“That’s at the heart of our company. It has been what has got us to where we are today and we should never forget that."

"“Closely related to that, of course, we consistently need to assess where we can grow in and beyond our core market of building automation. One example is an opportunity in LED illumination in our North American market, complementing building automation control. In this field there is a lot of government support but also, at the same time, a lot of government pressure to improve the efficiency of buildings with new regulations on the illumination controls. With our technology we enable our customers and fixture makers to provide a total wireless control solution for the LED replacement opportunity.”"