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“Technology and automation are the DNA of sustainability.”: Rami Bakir

The cycle of supply and demand in the oil and gas sector has always created volatility when it comes to an operator’s expenditure on reducing the cost of barrel lifting. Fortunately, partnering with a company that offers best-in-class equipment is a great enabler for customers in their drive for efficiency and optimisation solutions that lead to greater production and faster drilling.

Rami Bakir, Vice President Operations MENA of National Oilwell Varco

After 25 years in the business, Rami Bakir, Vice President Operations MENA for National Oilwell Varco (NOV), has the experience, market knowledge and strong client relationships to adapt to customers’ needs.

He does this by successfully anticipating the dynamics of the sector and driving innovations in technology, ensuring upgrades through retrofitting and by implementing operational efficiencies.

Rami joined NOV, the Houston-based oil and gas drilling company and producer of the sector’s associated equipment and technology, in 2007. Today, as Vice President of Operations, he drives completion and production solutions for the MENA region – a role he says requires significant strategy to consolidate the right solutions for customers, be they an operator or a service company.

These solutions help to optimise drilling and manage the different aspects and challenges of production. “We’re often forced to follow the trend of customers’ investment decisions,” Rami says.

We ensure consistent delivery of value to customers.

“When oil prices are down, projects and investments get sanctioned, mainly on capital expenditures with longer returns on investment. However, production must cope with increasing demands associated with population growth and the growth in industries, transportation and demand for power.”

In 2019, NOV was producing around 100 million barrels of oil a day, and as Rami explains, while the pandemic impacted the demand for oil and gas last year, demand will inevitably return.

But he warns that if investments of assets aren’t fully explored and developed, it will not sustain the declining rates of production in its fields.

“There should be a minimal investment in deploying the right solutions and technologies to support and sustain the producing assets,” he says. “Otherwise, production rates will decline.”

Konwledge and technology

NOV’s portfolio means that it doesn’t only supply new equipment. The company also applies its knowledge and technology to retrofit and upgrade existing production and drilling assets, and facilities, onshore and offshore, by integrating automated and digitalised capabilities.


“As for equipment, we employ the latest technology for optimised drilling and completion solutions,” Rami says. “These reduce capital intensity over the short and medium term.” NOV’s customers are supported by a network of maintenance and manufacturing facilities across the MENA region. “That is how we ensure consistent delivery of value to customers.”

Proactive solutions

Rami strongly believes in a proactive approach when it comes to providing service to the company’s customers. Rather than being reactive to enquiries, he and his team go out and identify areas in which customers are facing challenges before offering solutions.

“We are good at what we do,” he smiles. “We enjoy discussions in a healthy and safe atmosphere for the benefit of everyone.”

And with NOV committing itself to continuous research and development and investment in technology, and more than 150 companies acquired to help with the return on investment, Rami says it is a two-way learning curve. “Our customer is our partner. Working together is the ultimate satisfaction for us.”

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