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Raw like sushi: Sash brings its unique blend of Japanese cuisine to Sydney

Infusing tacos, pizzas and sliders with a Japanese flavour, Sash has introduced its unique blend of cuisines to one of Sydney's trendiest suburbs.

When it comes to preparation, presentation and palate, authentic Japanese food strikes the balance between subtlety and simplicity; filling, but not fattening. That can be hard to find in Sydney though, which is why owners Dave Nelson and Kyle Stagoll have brought Melbourne’s Sash to the trendsetting suburb of Surry Hills.

Known for its quirky Japanese fusion that “breaks all the rules”, Sash provides Sydneysiders the chance to experience a taste of Tokyo with a twist.

Located on Wentworth Avenue, Sash serves an accessible yet challenging array of dishes. Dishing up tacos, pizzas and sliders with traditional Japanese ingredients, the chefs have come up with a fascinating assortment of the familiar and the elusive, including hamburgers filled with prawns and kale, and tacos dripping with teriyaki and wasabi.

Sash, Surry Hills

Overseen by Executive Chef Peter Wu, the centrepiece of Sash’s menu is its selection of Japanese Pizzettes. Marrying an Italian favourite with unfamiliar ingredients, there’s something here for everyone.

For those who want to stay in their comfort zone, there’s the wagyu meat lovers option, topped with kransky sausage and truffle salt – but this is as close as you can get to a conventional pizza.

If you’re after something a little more daring though, try the ahi tropical tuna pizza. Put aside your complaints about fruit on pizza, and enjoy the sweet and sour profile of mango, avocado and ginger on a wafer thin, eight-inch base.

If that’s not adventurous enough for you, then try the salmon ceviche. Served raw, the hint of spice is restrained and fleeting, making for the perfect finger food.

For those after customary Japanese food, the selection of sushi, sashimi and sides on offer are a more faithful interpretation of the traditional cuisine.

Those familiar with Sash Melbourne will likely be surprised by the vastness of the Sydney outlet. Interior designer Melissa Collison has created a much more expansive layout here so that if you don’t feel like sitting down for a meal, there’s enough room to grab a cocktail at the bar, courtesy of head mixologist Kyle Rose. With a range of drinks to choose from – as well as bottled Asahi and Sapporo, naturally – you’ll have more than enough reason to visit on any occasion.

Whether you’re a dedicated foodie or someone just looking for a drink in a good location, Sash has you covered. A unique blend of tastes and styles, Sash is doing the impossible; providing something for everyone while refusing to compromise on flavour.

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