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7 Steps from stressed to success

7 Steps From Stressed To Success - article image

Overwhelmed, exhausted, stuck in a rut, wading through mud, and emotionally burnt out? No spark, no mojo, just monotony?

Noticing more self-talk, saying things to yourself such as: “I can’t cope”, or “I’m too busy”, or “I’m so tired”, or “It’s not fair”, “I can’t make this work”, “Why am I doing this”?

You’re not alone — according to The Huffington Post 64% of people were stressed, and 8 in 10 Americans are stressed about their jobs. Australia is not far off!

The top five causes of stress in Australia are:

  1. Personal finances – 49%;
  2. Family issues – 45%;
  3. Personal health – 44%;
  4. Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle – 40%; and
  5. Issues with the health of others close to us – 38%.

Most CEO’s I talk to, workshop with, or coach, are juggling issues with at least 4 out of 5 of these areas.

You’d think we’d have the perfect blend by now — with time saving digital access, flexible working opportunities, and more awareness about stress.

Think again.

In fact we have more stress, less time, more responsibility, and less support. Overall statistics show lower levels of personal wellbeing and workplace wellbeing, higher levels of stress, depression, and increased anxiety symptoms than ever before.

Most leaders fall into the same routine of trying to climb their way out of stress and exhaustion on holidays or the weekends, only to find themselves falling right back into the trap a few weeks later when back at work, or dreading the start of a new week and a new load of responsibilities with seemingly no way out.

As a business owner, leader in life or anyone in the corporate world knows — the best results come with a clear strategy and the courage to make a plan that’s relevant, realistic, and results driven.

  1. What if there was a very simple way to change that pattern of highs and lows, peaks and troughs, and feeling over-worked once and for all?
  2. What if you could learn to blend your business AND your personal vitality on a weekly (even daily) basis, without turning your life upside down?
  3. More importantly, what if you could do this for yourself and lead your family or your teams by example for lasting results?

There is and you can.

How do you get back on track?

Here are my 7 steps from stressed to success you can action right now to get back in control, feel in balance, and create sustainable energy levels for work and home:

  1. Plan a winning week in all areas of life:It’s time to recognise your week as a whole and not try to fit everything else around work. What worked for you before is probably not going to work for you now. Re-think your weekly game plan.
    What are your non-negotiables, the mandatory elements — build those in first and then add the other considerations. Friends, family, health/fitness, and time out all need to be factored in and lodged in your agenda like work appointments. I call these the 6 pillars of Ultimate Vitality.
  1. Choose healthy fresh food — all the time. Fresh is best. Make conscious choices for food that will recharge rather than empty calories. Don’t skip meals and go for the fresh ingredients on the menu when dining out for work.
  2. Focus on fresh air as your exercise mission rather than gym workouts and classes that you know you won’t make with your ever-changing schedule. Take walk-and-talks for updates with your team, even if it’s round the office.
    Most of all: MOVE. Get out of your chair regularly and stand up. It’s never too late to get to be the healthiest version of yourself no matter what your title, position, or age. In fact it’s essential for clarity, decision-making, and sustainable success.
  1. Out with the old: stories, that is. Give yourself permission to write a new set of wellbeing and weekly schedule goals — what worked for you in your 20’s is probably not going to work now.
    Re-organise your health and fitness choices and use of time based on your current life and responsibilities. Get smart and be proactive.
  1. Make exercise a part of your day — every day. No further explanation required. Just do it.
  2. Get rid of digital devices from the bedroom — turn your sleep routine into a place of peace, calm, and real rejuvenation.
  3. The last but most important piece of advice I have for you is the 1% rule.

If you want to bring your business and your personal vitality to life, take each element that has been eluding you — health, personal finance, family, or friends and add 14.4 minutes in your day dedicated to that. After 100 days you’ll be 100% better off. You can’t argue with the stats.

On a final note, give yourself permission to re-set, to re-evaluate, and consider a new approach.

If high levels of stress continue for a long period of time or are interfering with you enjoying a healthy life, consider seeking professional help.

The right support can make the world of difference. Choose advice from people who are truly experienced and understand the nature of striving in business and in life.

You don’t need to sacrifice one thing for another — you can integrate healthy, wealthy, and wise as one simply by following the 7 steps above.

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