Are you stressed?

CEOs and leaders, it’s time to ask yourself: am I feeling stressed and overworked? Am I equipped with the right mental strategies to bounce back from stressful situations? Am I taking care of my mental and emotional needs?

In today’s fast-paced, tech-focused business world, it can be difficult to switch off from external stimuli. For CEOS and leaders, being constantly plugged into work mode via always-on technology can significantly increase mental and emotional stress.

Too often, CEOs and leaders are so preoccupied with demanding roles and responsibilities at work, that down time and relaxation slip through the cracks. Yet, in the words of productivity and work–life trainer, Joe Robinson: “Few ambitious achievers understand one of the biggest secrets of productivity — the refuelling principle. You get more done quicker when you step back and recharge the brain and body. Studies show that performance increases after breaks of all durations.”

How can you recharge?

CEOs and leaders need to prioritise their own mental and emotional self-care. One deep relaxation strategy is Float Therapy — a highly restorative experience that leaves you in a state of serenity and calm, both physically and mentally. In fact, just 1 hour of Floating is the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep, helping fatigued leaders catch up on much-needed rest and recuperation.

Float Therapy is a blissful sensation of weightlessness — a gravity-free experience similar to floating in space. In a tank of shallow, warm, densely salty water, your entire body is supported, meaning you can lie back and “let go” of mental and physical stress. For CEOs and leaders, it provides a rare opportunity for total time out.

Float Therapy takes place in a sensory deprivation environment. Some centres provide Float pods or capsules. Others, like Saltuary, provide a dedicated Float room, complete with a shower, change room, dim lighting, and gentle music. Float rooms help you to sink into the experience in a comfortable and large space. The rooms at Saltuary all contain dimly lit, starry lights to lull you into a deep sense of peace, to the ultimate rest.

Why Float Therapy?

Float Therapy is rapidly becoming the go-to de-stress experience in the business world. Due to its unique combination of mental and physical restoration, Float has been popular in the sports community for many years. Sports Psychologists at the Australian Institute of Sport found that Float measurably reduces blood pressure and heart rate, lowering levels of stress-related chemicals in the body.

For CEOs and leaders, Floating is a simple, unique and very powerful therapy that resets both the body and the mind. Through the gravity-free sensation of floating, your body balances and heals internally, as all senses are restored. Floating is widely known to soothe anxiety, jet lag, stress, and fatigue, which commonly affect CEOs and leaders across all sectors.

Floating is also known to enhance concentration and creativity. Many people report sudden flashes of insight and inspiration when floating — particularly after several sessions. This is because your mind and body become more familiar with the sensation, meaning you can let external stimuli slip away more quickly and easily, accessing parts of your brain that usually only sit quietly in the background.

Deep relaxation techniques such as Float Therapy and meditation are hugely beneficial for CEOs and leaders. If you’re feeling mentally and emotionally drained, stressed, unmotivated and unproductive, Floating can provide a much-needed mental break to boost your daily performance and nurture a sense of balance and calm.

Other benefits of floating:

  • Akin to 4 hours of good quality sleep on your body — reduces fatigue
  • Rehydrates skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth
  • Boosts circulation, bringing fresh nutrients to all parts of your body
  • Soothes old injures and aches, especially backache