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Top wellness trends for ultimate success in 2021

Air purification is among one of the leading holistic trends for the new year.

wellness trends 2021

After living through one of the worst health pandemics in recent history, it’s no wonder wellness trends are taking centre stage in millions of homes around the globe.

From people sharing skincare routines on social media to having extra time in the morning to make breakfast at home, the wellness ripple is truly being felt.

“Wellness has become the cool kid on the block,” the Global Wellness Summit reported.

The wellness industry was estimated to be worth US$4.5 trillion in 2018, growing an incredible 6.4 per cent annually from 2015–17 – nearly twice as fast as global economic growth, according to the Global Wellness Institute.

As the industry continues to flourish, some of the top wellness trends for 2021 have been predicted, which will ultimately lead to greater success for the new year.

Wellness trends for 2021

Wellness trends

Air purification

Pre-2020, we were already spending much of our time indoors – whether it was at home or work, and the pandemic has only increased that.

As viruses spread through the air, there is increased focus on air purification, which essentially sanitises the air by removing allergens, toxins and pollutants.

While people searching for air purification has increased steadily since 2015, there was a large spike in April 2020 – reflecting the pandemic, according to Google Trends.

Circadian health

Everyone knows the importance of sleep, but not everyone is able to fulfil their daily rest requirements.

Through understanding your own circadian rhythms, which is your own internal body clock, overall health will improve.

Removing technology from your bedroom to reduce the impact of blue light, dropping the room temperature, release a relaxing scent and even tracking your sleep cycles play a part in benefiting your wellness.

Mental health

A year of social isolation, an unsteady economy and general global uncertainty have taken a toll on mental health.

On average, America’s mental health has dropped to a 20-year low while suicide numbers reportedly increased in Japan – all likely caused by the pandemic.

Sleeping well, brain-boosting activities, essential oils, meditation, yoga and mindfulness are just some of the ways to create a more holistic lifestyle.

If you need someone to talk to, contact Lifeline: 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636.

Strong immunity

If anything is going to make you rethink how you care for your body, a global virus outbreak will do it.

Potent health shots, superfoods, adaptogens, nutrient-dense health supplements, lymphatic massages and educational classes are all predicted to play a major role in the health industry next year to further improve gut health and microbiome, which are crucial to immunity and brain function.

“We will see more customised immunity hacks, using genetic testing and biohacking … to pinpoint what immune therapies best suit your system and situation,” the Global Wellness Summit reported.

At-home beauty

While the clean beauty industry has thrived in recent years, 2021 is likely to see more of a move towards antibacterial at-home treatments.

“Products that can reduce fears around hygiene will grow, with innovative new antimicrobial and antibacterial beauty formulations (and safe, touch-free application processes and packaging) that not only make beauty safe but whose ingredients also improve skin cells and tackle blemishes,” the Global Wellness Summit report explained.

An increase in at-home experiences with spa professionals, nutritionists and personal trainers are thought to thrive in 2021.

Green escapes

After a lengthy time spent indoors, it’s only natural to escape to nature. And experts believe that wilderness will help with healing.

While many countries aren’t able to explore internationally, the number of people seeking opportunities offering tranquillity is booming.

Cycling, hiking, walking and paddling aren’t just sustainable modes of transport, the environmentally friendly wellness experiences are helping reground people with the earth.

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