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This new Bang & Olufsen device elevates the design of any living space

Beovision Harmony is much more than a piece of technology.

Bang & Olufsen device

Bang & Olufsen has launched a device that will elevate any living area with spectacular sound and uncompromising design.

Inspired by some of the company’s most cherished products, Beovision Harmony was debuted at Milan Design Week 2019 and is set to become a centrepiece of home entertainment.
Working closely with museums and collectors to curate an exhibition of products has helped shape the brand’s unrivalled reputation for matching innovation with beautiful sound.

The newly unveiled Beovision Harmony consists of two meticulously crafted oak and aluminum fronts, which house sublime technical instruments that have been delicately tuned by hand and ear to reveal every tiny detail of music and sound.

“Pristine picture performance combined with truly immersive sound ensures a mesmerising viewing experience,” Bang & Olufsen Executive Vice President of Brand and Markets John Mollanger says. “But the presence of a big screen is rarely a welcoming addition to living spaces.

“With Beovision Harmony, we wanted to create a meaningful object for interiors that reduces the visual presence of the TV and transforms it into something that people will develop an emotional attachment to.”

Resting close to floor, the thin screen is partially concealed by the two fronts that host the powerful sound centre without detriment to auditory quality. A 77-inch OLED screen by LG features self-illuminating pixels and stunning hues that bring movies, sporting events and shows to life in home luxury.

“The simple minimalistic Scandinavian design makes it stand out like a piece of furniture – it is simply clean, elegant and powerful,” – Christoffer Østergaard Poulsen

Boasting a robust speaker system, it allows users to stream directly from smartphones, Chromecast or Bluetooth and, with the new webOS 4.5 platform, there is also access to Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and other media service providers.

As the two oak and aluminum wing-like fronts fan out, the thin screen rises to the ideal height for viewing while becoming an ultimate addition to any living area.

“Wood has always been an important aspect of Nordic architecture and furniture design because of its individual character, robustness and versatility, and we are proud to carry this forward in our Beovision Harmony,” Mollanger says.

“We have been sharing an obsessive passion for almost 100 years, and it has been a mission of ours to perfect the techniques used to reproduce sound and vision, and to embody it in a design that people are proud to have in their homes.”

And for those after something a little more understated, the Beosound Stage is the perfect addition to any television.

The first soundbar for the Danish electronics brand brings a rich, powerful and superbly deep sound while creating an indulgent cinematic experience – all from one single speaker.

“We created Beosound Stage as a powerful soundbar that doesn’t rely on a subwoofer or satellites to create an immersive experience,” Bang & Olufsen Vice President of Product Management Christoffer Østergaard Poulsen says. “The simple minimalistic Scandinavian design makes it stand out like a piece of furniture – it is simply clean, elegant and powerful.”

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