A great sense of individuality will allow you to stand out from the crowd. The world craves authenticity, and those who lead are those who are able to fully self-express. Personality then becomes a tool that the individual uses to play its part. That’s really when the fun begins. Take dressing up—for instance, theatres, movies, and music halls use the dress to complete a character, a persona. Once the character has finished playing its role, they take off the mask. In real life, the clothes we wear also help us play our part or, shall I say, dress the part—thus the importance of having the right attire for the different roles we play in life.

Individuality is connected with the higher self. It is that something within (‘I am’) manifesting as something without (personality). A sense of individuality is self-consciousness, a state where you are able to distinguish between the ‘I’ (higher self) and ‘me’ (little self).

It is the consciousness that you are a soul inhabiting a body and using a mind to experience life. It is your real self. Individuality says: ‘I am.’
Personality is connected to the physical body. Your personality is formed of your body and its characteristics, your mental states, feelings, and desires. It has been shaped along the lines of heredity and race; it is the persona, the role you play in this lifetime. Personality is derived from the Greek persona, a mask used by actors.

In other words, it is your false self in constant battle with the higher self.

Developing individuality will allow you to acquire a great feeling of compassion, sympathy, understanding, and love which, once manifested and felt by the individual, will permit him/her to feel a sense of oneness with the rest (team, employees, partners).