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The world’s most exclusive luxury furniture brands

High-quality design and craftsmanship is fundamental to all of the top luxury furniture companies coupled with an ability to reimagine spaces with style and flair.

expensive furniture

The global luxury market industry peaked at US$25.4 billion in 2020, which reflects high consumer demand for handcrafted pieces that create emotional experiences across the residential and commercial sectors. The top 10 most expensive furniture brands have mastered both of these aspects leaving no detail forgotten.

Boca do Lobo

expensive furniture

Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Portugal, Boca do Lobo’s contemporary, trendsetting design pieces fuse traditional techniques with the latest technology. Available in luxury department stores such as Harrods in London, the brand’s collections are featured in some of the world’s leading hospitality venues and casinos, including The New York Palace Hotel, as well as residential projects. With meticulous attention to detail, its diverse team of talented jewellers, solderers and cabinet-makers use the highest quality materials to deliver a sophisticated aesthetic.

Fendi Casa

expensive furniture

Crafted with high quality, functionality and elegance in mind, the Fendi Casa collection was conceived in 1988 when its owners, Alberto Vignatelli and Anna Fendi, decided to expand the business into furnishing spaces with the same principles that they’d applied to women’s fashion. Today, the maison’s anthology ranges from contemporary and modern to classic and is delivering Italian luxury to the world’s most exclusive homes, yachts and private jets with every stylish piece made in Italy.


expensive furniture

Both futuristic thinking and aware of the past heritage of handwork, Delightfull is best known for its broad selection of lighting designs that have been created by skilled artisans in Portugal, who imbue each piece with passion and devotion. From unconventional graphic lamps ideal for hotels and clubs to vintage classics, every lighting solution has a unique identity and elegance that adds a strong design presence to every space.


expensive furniture

The Tuscan-born company is recognised for its research into materials and technologies in order to deliver unparalleled comfort and relaxation. With a firm foundation in artistic tradition, it has been able to successfully merge this with a modern approach to designing furniture. Its sofas, armchairs and other products have an air of timelessness and exclusivity about them that makes them truly adaptable to just about any environment. Produced with immense attention to detail and specialised knowledge, Edra’s collections deliver elegance and high performance. They are also represented at the world’s major international contemporary art and design museums.

Restoration Hardware

expensive furniture

A luxury brand with a broad offering in the home furnishings sphere, Restoration Hardware’s work consists of timeless, updated classics and authentic reproductions. As a curator of design, taste and style, the company’s partnerships with talented artisans introduce fresh ideas and unique product designs each season, which are showcased in galleries and outlets in the US and Canada.


expensive furniture

At the heart of the brand are fierceness and intensity, which are the qualities needed to create storytelling pieces by hand, imbuing them and the urban environments in which they can be found with strength and power. Diversity is apparent not only in the wide range of materials and finishes but also the selection of products, from furniture and upholstery to lighting and rugs that breathe life into the most exclusive residential and hospitality projects around the globe.


expensive furniture

Driven to entice and empower through its statement pieces alongside design experiences and content, the collection is sold globally through a selection of interior designers and luxury retailers. Under the direction of its bold Founder, Janet Morais, whose creative eye is informed by her background in interior design and branding, Koket designers leave no detail unchecked.

Maison Valentina

expensive furniture

With every high-end statement piece handcrafted in Portugal using the finest materials, the maison is committed to reimagining the meaning of comfort and luxury within the bathroom space. From washbasins and bathtubs to lighting and upholstery, its products are both exceptionally functional and sophisticated.

Tom Dixon

expensive furniture

This British luxury design brand has a presence in 90 countries and is best known for its innovative approach with materials and techniques. With an impressive global portfolio that spans across retail, hospitality and co-working venues, the Design Research Studio creates and reinvents spaces in addition to the company’s product offering. Celebrated for his originality when it comes to design, the Founder and Creative Director, Tom Dixon, is the recipient of multiple prestigious awards for his work.

Bentley Home

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Bentley Home represents the partnership between Bentley, the British luxury automobile maker and Club House Italia, a European handcrafted furniture design company. The marriage of these two brands offers the same level of luxury and comfort that you’d expect from a Bentley product with wood and leather similarly playing an important role in translating excellence to the realm of interior design. This pairs well with Italian craftsmanship, which has a reputation for strong attention to detail and the use of quality materials. Bentley Home furniture is featured in the world’s leading hotel suites around the globe.

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