Patrick Johnson of P.Johnson Tailors offers made-to-order pieces for a discerning clientele. The CEO Magazine caught up with him to discuss the concept behind his brand and to gain insight into essentials for the gentleman’s wardrobe.

The CEO Magazine: What is your career background?

Patrick: I worked for Robert Emmett in London for seven years before starting my own business, P.Johnson Tailors, in 2008.

Why did you decide to start your own label rather than work for another company?

I decided to start P.Johnson Tailors as I wanted to run a business in a different way.

Tailoring can be very stuffy, and at times a backward industry, so I wanted to try a different approach. I wanted a business focused on getting better—not leaning on the past, but looking forward.

You have opened stores in Sydney and Melbourne. How has the customer response been to your retail presence?

The customer response has been incredibly positive. Our spaces are not on the high street—they really have to be discovered. You kind of have to be introduced to them. We grow by word of mouth; our customers enable us to grow by recommending us to their friends. This approach takes a little longer, but I am more comfortable with it because it is real. We don’t use a PR company, give freebees to celebrities, or advertise. This way we can put more value into our garments and focus on the important thing—getting better.

What can customers expect instore?

Our spaces are very different from any other retail spaces I have seen. They are very important to us; they are extensions of us and they are constantly changing. When clients enter our Sydney or Melbourne showrooms, we hope that they can feel relaxed, comfortable, and well taken care of. We don’t employ sales people; our staff are either trained tailors or in the process of being trained. They don’t have sales targets or anything like that; their mission is to get the best possible result with every client.