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10 of the best new hotels in the world for 2021

A global health pandemic hasn’t stopped the hospitality industry from opening some of its finest properties.

Best new hotels 2021 Crown Sydney

Just five months after opening its doors in December 2020, Crown Sydney has been named one of the best new hotels in the world this year.

Hundreds of hotels from all over the globe were assessed by travel experts, but only 73 made it to the reputable list.

More impressively, Crown Sydney is the only hotel in Australia to be given the noteworthy accolade for 2021.

While it may seem unusual to have experienced new hotels during a global pandemic, the experts at Travel + Leisure believe it was a big 12 months.

The team travelled to 29 countries in pursuit of unforgettable experiences. From beekeeping and meditation to wellness retreats and safari lodges, nothing was off limits.

10 of the best new hotels for 2021

Crown Sydney



best new hotels
Image: George Apostolidis

Quickly cementing itself as Australia’s most luxurious new destination, Crown Sydney’s shining tower boasts 349 hotel rooms and suites while offering one of most iconic views in the world – the picturesque Sydney Harbour. Not to mention the dining experiences are world class, with the first and only female chef to run a restaurant with three Michelin stars in the UK, Clare Smyth, set to call the prestigious venue home.

Kruger Shalati – Kruger National Park


Africa and the Middle East

Suspended above the Sabie River in South Africa is a train-turned-hotel offering a safari-style lodge. With 24 glass-walled rooms, the bucket list hotel is a true engineering feat that balances heritage status with environmental management.

The Leela Palace Jaipur



Vibrant colours, rich textures, Venetian mirrors, glittery chandeliers, butlers, a daily high tea service and fortune tellers are all part of the beautiful show at the Indian grand palace. Featuring 74 palace rooms, 16 palace suites, 22 grand villas with terraces, 23 royal villas with courtyards, 41 royal villas with plunge pools, one royal suite and one exquisite maharaja suite, there are ample opportunities for any occasion.

One&Only Desaru Coast


best new hotels
Image: One&Only Desaru Coast

Situated at a pristine corner of Malaysia’s eastern coastline, the state-of-the-art hotel was one of the last projects by the late Australian architect Kerry Hill. The tropical relaxation destination is hugged by jungle, sand and sea, creating an exotic paradise waiting to be explored.

Caerula Mar Club



There aren’t many problems a touch of sunshine, white sand and crystal-clear water can’t soothe. And where better to relax than on the largest and least inhabited island of the Bahamas? One of the standouts of Caerula Mar Club is the divine gastronomy – think lobster Benedict for breakfast, pizza with wild mushrooms and goat’s milk cheese, and Peruvian ceviche.

Galleria Vik Milano



best new hotels
Image: Galleria Vik Milano

At the heart of Italy’s fashion capital is one of the most opulent hotels of 2021. Among the best rooms in the hotel are suites with private balconies overlooking the historic glass dome of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – Italy’s oldest shopping mall. Not only is it enchanting for stylists, but those with a penchant for history will also revel in the true beauty and charm of 19th century architecture.

Maslina Resort


best new hotels
Image: Maslina Resort

Driven by sustainability, the Croatian hotel celebrates luxury with a higher meaning through its love letters to the Mediterranean. From its “garden to skin” spa and pebble beach alcoves, it’s a vision of astonishing landscapes and natural beauty, ultimately creating a legacy for generations to come.

Camp Sarika by Amangiri


North America

best new hotels
Image: Camp Sarika by Amangiri

Perhaps now more than ever, the world is seeking fresh air to escape the reality of the pandemic. Camp Sarika in Utah is the perfect place to catch a breath. Tucked in the dramatic desert, explore the 243-hectare landscape before retreating to the hotel’s private plunge pool and canvas-topped pavilion – it’s next-level glamping.

Hotel Sin Nombre

North America

best new hotels
Image: Hotel Sin Nombre

Offering a “choose your own adventure” experience, the Mexican hotel gives guests “the walls within which to rest” – leaving a world of exploration up to each individual. A vegan restaurant, handwoven textiles, potted cacti, white limestone columns and arched entryways make for a relaxing environment in Oaxaca City.

Wander the Resort

North America

best new hotels
Image: Wander the Resort Instagram

Newly opened Wander the Resort is sold out through to December 2021 and it’s easy to see why. With windows as walls, snug fireplaces, private outdoor showers, handmade linen and pottery, and heated floors, the Nordic-designed Canadian cabins in Southern Ontario are simple luxury at its finest.

Feature image: Crown Sydney, George Apostolidis

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