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You look like you need a holiday – here are 3 coastal destinations calling your name

For when you really want to escape.

Corsica, France

Stray from the crowds and you might just find something spectacular, usually in the form of a secluded beach, an abundance of fresh seafood and crisp white wine. Enjoy the simplicity of seaside living in luxurious style.

  1. Chia, Italy

    Otherwise known as Baia di Chia, this coastal treasure trove in southern Sardinia is where you’ll find pretty apricot sand and pristine azure water. Loved by the locals, this is a village where you can catch up on some much-needed R&R, in between coastal walks and refreshing ocean swims of course.

    Where to stay

    Blissfully close to the remote beach of Chia, consider views of the Mediterranean Sea at your disposal in Faro Capo-Spartivento. This boutique, 5-star accommodation offers exclusive suites situated in an old heritage Italian lighthouse. Furnished in modern, minimalistic style with totally white interiors, warm light floods the rooms through windows that overlook the horizon – you’ll feel totally off the grid.

    Chia, Italy

    Where to eat

    Impressive displays of seafood are commonplace in Sardinia, and the innovative flavours draw inspiration from Roman, Middle Eastern and Spanish cuisine. Ristorante Bithia is a must if you are after fresh local produce, with an ambient atmosphere and a sprinkling of luxe dining on this rustico island.

    What to do

    Drift along the south-east coastline in a rental boat while admiring the Sardinian headlands and translucent waters. You’ll want to make a few stops at some awe-inspiring spots including Cala Cipolla, Spiaggia di Su Giudeu and Spiaggetta del Morto, to name a few.

  2. Herdade de Comporta, Portugal

    Located south of Lisbon on the Alentejo Coast lies one of Portugal’s most under-the-radar hotspots. A go-to favourite with Christian Louboutin and Madonna, this stretch of coast offers a chic array of incredible food, tranquility, beautiful boutiques, forest and not to mention a 12-kilometre long strip of beaches. It’s got the same bohemian spirit as Ibiza but without the chaos.

    Where to stay

    Despite the laid-back feel of Comporta, the 3 Bicas is a strikingly modern and luxurious villa offering solace in style. You can bathe in the panorama of endless forest filled with pines, watch the sunset in the rice fields, cook fish over a fire, and enjoy the unspoiled night sky.

    Herdade de Comporta, Portugal

    Where to eat

    Considering Comporta is a rice-farming village first and foremost, it seems only natural to eat at Museu do Arroz, a 1950s rice mill and converted restaurant, where exotic rice dishes are the specialty. Enjoy its buzzing charm with views of voluptuous sand dunes and the glistening Atlantic Ocean, while sipping on a selection of unique regional wine.

    What to do

    Take a scenic ride on horseback along the rice fields and down the deserted beach of Comporta to add a little extra spice to your stay in Portugal. You’ll feel completely energised by the experience, especially after spotting a couple of energetic dolphins as you trailblaze along the island’s endless shores.

  3. Corsica, France

    North of the Île-de-beauté, sweeping countryside meets the shores of some of the world’s most dazzling beaches on the French island of Corsica. This historic piece of land, remembered primarily as the leader of universal suffrage in Europe back in 1755, is adored by the French for its untouched terrain and the aroma of sumptuous village food – not to mention it was the much-loved destination of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.

    Where to stay

    In the heart of Cap Corse resides the elegant and charming hotel Misincu, with unspoiled waterfront views of the coastline and a balcony for an unforgettable afternoon spritz. The refined accommodation has an exclusive selection of suites and villas to choose from, two restaurants that perfectly fuse the rich flavours of the land and sea of Corsica, along with a selection of massages and treatments by French luxury skincare brand Biologique Richerche. It really doesn’t get much better.

    What to eat

    Although no longer a Michelin-star restaurant, Le Pirate marches to the beat of its own drum, and for good reason. With a terrace overlooking the harbour, expect an avant-garde menu rich in freshly caught Mediterranean fish, foie gras cooked to perfection, delicately prepared vegetables, and desserts made of blood oranges and artisanal chocolate. Not to mention a wine list abundant in offerings from the Burgundy and Bordeaux regions of France, along with a popular white wine selection from Leccia.

    What to do

    Spend the morning hiking up to the Torra di Nonza on the coastline, around a scenic 50-minute drive from Misincu. After that, return north and explore all the varieties of white sand beaches along Cap Corse, including its two standouts: Plage de Tamarone and Plage de Saleccia.

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