The CEO Magazine is pleased to announce it is launching into India as part of an expansion into new markets. Following the success of The CEO Magazine in both Australia and Europe and the recent launch of The CEO Magazine South-East Asia, launching The CEO Magazine India is the logical next step for the brand.

The CEO Magazine India

The inaugural edition of The CEO Magazine India will be published in June 2016. The magazine will feature interviews with top executives from leading brands and organisations, as well as management, finance, and technology features. It will also feature the luxurious travel, food and lifestyle reviews that readers have come to expect from The CEO Magazine.

Executive interviews

Our team is looking for CEOs and executives from India with a story to tell – whether they have accomplished something extraordinary, overcome adversity, lead innovative programs, or inspired fundamental change.

If you’re interested in an executive interview or promoting your brand by advertising in The CEO Magazine India, please contact us or call us on the number below.

India office details

Level 7, Maximus Towers
Building 2A, Mindspace Complex
Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad-500 081 India

T +91 40 4033 9761