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Meet the creator behind virtual marketing’s latest innovations

Alan Smithson has designed a user-friendly tool that is empowering people to harness the power of virtual experiences to better engage with customers and employees.


Alan Smithson co-founded MetaVRse to spearhead the creation of a fully web-based design and development tool. It creates immersive 3D and virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR) experiences, and deploys them across multiple operating systems, browsers and devices with little or no code – as simple and easy as making a slide deck. Now anyone can be a creator.

As a featured VIP speaker at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 18th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he enlightened more than 400 of the world’s leading private investors, family offices and world leaders from 55 countries on the future of the internet.

“By offering tools to create virtual experiences, MetaVRse is creating the future of collaboration, commerce and culture in new ways that will transform and transcend the internet,” Smithson says. “If we alter how we view change and how we educate future generations, we will in turn empower them to create solutions to meet the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced.”

MetaVRse’s three focus areas are retail, training and marketing – with one goal being to help companies save money in new ways. For instance, it is working with a major corporation that trains employees via 3D, thus saving on travel costs. The system works on seven billion devices globally.

A current project is building a virtual mall that will be eight times larger than the Dubai Mall and which may be accessed by anyone, from anywhere. It is selling floors in the mall for retail and branding experiences that will connect customers in new ways that push the limits of technology.

MetaVRse is seeking forward-thinking investor partners for long-term relationship-driven projects intended to drive ethically focused global businesses in ways that support humanity. Sir Anthony Ritossa has set the bar very high, Smithson says, and he is grateful for the opportunity to partner with others who seek to “do well by doing good”.

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