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How Silvina Moschini’s unique approach is helping companies to achieve success

The Unicorn Hunters Founder is solving the world’s most pressing problems, including how businesses can better access funding and realise their social impact visions.

Silvina Moschini

Award-winning visionary keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur, and author Silvina Moschini has accomplished a great deal since she made headlines as the first Latin American woman to bring a company to unicorn status in 2020.

Widely recognised as one of the most forward-thinking women in tech, Moschini inspires audiences to change the world by thinking big. Her powerful, energetic and candid approach to entrepreneurship and female leadership has gained the attention of thousands around the world.

As Founder, Chairwoman and President of Unicorn Hunters and Unicoin, she is one of the foremost experts on the digital economy and how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the global workforce, empowering women and accelerating government reform across the world.

Her thought leadership on the future of work, economic empowerment, CloudWorking revolution, digital transformation, innovation, diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship, power of social impact, business transparency, and female leadership is awe-inspiring.

And it’s Moschini’s unique perspectives on the influence technology has on business and social impact that has earned her recognition as the only featured entrepreneur for W20 Argentina, the G20’s advisory group on gender-inclusive economic growth. She was an invited participant at the Global Entrepreneur Summit 2019 and she led the Innovation panel at the President’s Summit of the Americas.

Moschini recently took the stage as a VIP speaker at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 18th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Speaking about today’s most compelling investment opportunities, she enlightened more than 400 of the world’s leading private investors, family offices and world leaders from 55 countries on what the best entrepreneurs have in common and how they achieve success in a dynamic business world.

One of Moschini’s top priorities at present is Unicoin – a next-generation coin that solves the issue of volatility, which is the greatest challenge of traditional crypto, by offering inherent value instead of perceived value through equity positions in the high-growth companies that are part of the Unicorn Hunters’ platform.

Unicorn Hunters is a pioneering business series that democratises access to funding, giving founders the possibility to raise expansion capital from millions of viewers around the world while giving people the opportunity to invest in pre-IPO opportunities alongside business luminaries like Steve Wozniak, the Co-Founder of Apple.

“Significant opportunities await and things are changing fast in our world because of more women in leadership roles,” Moschini said. “Interestingly, women-led companies have 28 per cent higher profits and diversity contributes to a more positive environment.

“Crisis also leads to great opportunities to change the way we work, the way we think about money, and the ways we pursue business opportunities. The pandemic made us step out of our comfort zone and remote work has allowed us to access the world easily.”

Moschini looks at companies that have pressing issues to target and seek to have an impact on the planet. “The bottom line is that doing good is fantastic business. Companies that tackle issues such as climate change, tech that changes lives, and solutions that solve human issues and have a vision of social impact are more likely to be successful,” she says. “The best founders are those who use technology in new ways and who also have the ability and flexibility to pivot and rethink their business model when necessary.”

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