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How IG became a leading global CFD provider

The CFD trading provider has been an industry leader for four decades.

IG CEO June Felix

Spanning 16 countries with more than 7.7 million client transactions every month, IG has come a long way since its inception 45 years ago.

Providing trading opportunities to people across the globe, the UK-founded company, which was established by Stuart Wheeler, has grown to become the world’s top provider of contract for difference (CFDs), where more than 350,000 transactions are made daily.

Founded as a way for people to trade on gold in a new and accessible way, IG since expanded to create advanced technology for trading needs including the launch of the first online trading platform for financial CFD trading in 1998 as well as the first trading app for Apple Watch in 2015.

IG, which began trading in Australia in 2002, offers an extensive range of markets allowing clients to trade CFDs on FX, Indices, Commodities and Crypto. In addition, you can trade over 16,000 local and international shares while only recently its international share trading offering was recognised as outstanding value by Canstar, three years running.

“I’m hoping that we will continue to use the innovation of the teams to identify new services and products for our clients,” – June Felix

Growing from just three employees in 1974 to 1,677 employees in 2018, IG , who has sponsored The CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards for the past three years, has grown substantially.

With a reported revenue of £590.2 million, the online trading group, which recently launched its FX service in the US, is continuing to soar the market. And with IG CEO June Felix (feature image) having recently purchased 25,800 ordinary shares in the group, it signifies a positive outlook for the brand.

“Some of the things I see and growing from where we are is first of all, doing what we do exceptionally well, continuing to do that, and really dominating that field on a much broader basis,” June explained when she was announced as CEO in 2018. “Many more countries are certainly continuing to drive excellence in these wonderful products we already have.

“Building off that, I’m hoping that we will continue to use the innovation of the teams to identify new services and products for our clients.”

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