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Busy professionals never have to worry about time, or money again thanks to ONDA Lifestyle Concierge

The dream of complete control over your finances is being turned into reality.

ONDA lifestyle concierge

How magical would life be if you never had to think about managing your personal finances, and always had confidence you were receiving fair value from banks, insurers, and utility providers?

George Wilson CEO of ONDA Lifestyle Concierge

George Wilson CEO of ONDA Lifestyle Concierge explains; “Imagine a world where you never have to receive, pay, manage or file another bill, where EOFY returns are stress-free, and where you always receive the best pricing for every financial product and service – that’s exactly what ONDA provides,” George tells The CEO Magazine. “By using world-leading technology, we can deliver this at a price point that is unequalled globally.”

Backed by a team with more than 100 years of experience in the financial services industry, ONDA’s services are revolutionising the administration of client’s personal finances. Following high demand for George’s first business in this sector Tatigen Financial Management which launched in 2012, it became clear that by investing heavily in technology, this would provide a scalable platform to deliver clients the personalized, boutique services they were looking for at an amazing price point. Which evolved into the re-brand and launch of ONDA Lifestyle Concierge in 2018.

“We’re Australian owned and independent. We have no products to sell and never accept commissions or fees,” he says. “We simply have our client’s backs at all times and provide a tailored and customised service in returned for a fixed service fee, that depending on your tax position can be deductible.”

ONDA’s services are first of its kind to market and they have just completed due diligence and signed a service agreement with one of the big 4 professional services firms globally. They also have pilot programs launching with a number of other financial and professional services groups who value their staff and clients time, and financial peace of mind.

3 things you didn’t know about ONDA

  1. It gives you time
  2. “Client’s love that we pay and professionally manage all bills which saves them time and headspace, but we also deliver time savings by ensuring client’s never have to wait in call-center queue for banks, telephone companies or utility companies ever again,” George says. “We provide clients a personal manager to provide support services for all of their life administration.”

  3. Abundance of value – and savings
  4. ONDA manages independent reviews of all client’s services and products, saving extra cash where they didn’t know it was possible.

    “We negotiate with each service provider with our aggregated purchasing power, and the clients always receive the full benefits back,” George says. “We provide clients with this buying power around financial products, travel services, vehicle purchasing, domestic services and professional services.”

  5. It gives you peace of mind
  6. Each client has complete clarity and control over their outgoings and in addition to regular updates, have log-in access to view every bill payment and transaction. Each client is also provided with an electronic Vault to safely store copies of life’s most precious documents.

    “Wills, trust documents, passports, driving licenses – you name it, we can store copies of it,” George says. “Once saved, we manage all renewal-date reminders for client’s registrations, expiry dates and renewals, and if they are travelling and lose passports or cards, ONDA is there to provide support.

    “If the worst happens and you have an emergency. If the house burns down. Whatever life throws at you – ONDA Lifestyle Concierge has your back!”

The CEO Magazine readers can receive a 20% reduction to any new ONDA Lifestyle Concierge standard fees by referencing this article in their enquiry prior to 30 August 2019. Find out more here.

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