After last month’s buy and sell recommendations, we’re back this issue to just focusing on shares we believe you should have in your portfolio. Altium remains a top pick, but also making waves is the very exciting Mitula Group. Thank you letters to a minimum please.

1. Altium (ALU):

Altium is an Australian company that provides PC-based electronics design software for engineers and seems well on the path to continued success. The company’s ability to grow subscribers and expand its sales has been directly responsible for an appreciation in its share price, something we believe will long continue. Altium has a diversified portfolio geographically, mainly in Europe and the US, and there is also a reasonably sized business in Asia, including China. Altium has been talked about and tipped by many investors and it fully deserves its spot on this share tips page.

2. Mitula Group (MUA):

Despite being based in Spain, Mitula Group is listed on the ASX and provides an exciting opportunity to invest in a company specialising in something called ‘vertical search’. This concept is not new—while Google’s traditional search looks over the entire web, a vertical search concentrates on sites relating to a category of interest or a specific topic.

Mitula has two branded product lines.  Firstly, Nestoria is a vertical search engine for real estate rentals and sales which operates in nine different countries. Secondly, Mitula is a classifieds search engine which aggregates content from job, property, holiday rentals, and automotive sites.

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