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This is Singapore’s most digitally innovative company

Artificial intelligence platform Sqreem takes home the Digital Innovation award at the 20th annual British Chamber of Commerce Singapore Business Awards.

Sqreem, Digital Innovation Award

The future of artificial intelligence is changing every second, but its real value continues to be its ability to enhance the capabilities of humans.

This is the mission of Sqreem Technologies, a Singapore-based AI company that has turned the process of identifying, targeting, engaging, and converting more than three billion consumers across the world into a science that is fully automated.

The company has constructed one of the largest behavioural databases in the world, measuring some 750,000 behavioural intent metrics across 250,000 consumer products, brands and services – with a data model spanning the 60 largest countries in the world.

Recognised for its groundbreaking work in consumer research, criminal behaviour detection and corporate strategy improvement, Sqreem was recently awarded the Digital Innovation award at the 20th annual British Chamber of Commerce Singapore Business Awards.

The CEO Magazine sat down with Sqreem Technologies CEO and Co-Founder Ian Chapman-Banks after he accepted the prestigious award.

Q. What does this award mean to you and your company?

A. We’re a team of 100 AI engineers and our goal is to create a new industry. We want to create something special. We want to create the most famous AI company to come out of Singapore, Southeast Asia, and maybe even Asia. We’re focused on doing big things in industries such as intelligence, surveillance and the world of malfeasance – it’s a $4 trillion world of corruption. Using our AI platform, our goal is to solve the world’s greatest problems.

Q. What is Sqreem’s secret to success?

A. We’re all scientists, we’re all engineers and we’re all mathematicians. Every Thursday at 10 am, we launch a new version – we never stop innovating. We don’t throw people at it and we don’t throw money at it. We use physics, maths and AI engineering to solve big problems – from sustainability and fraud to finding terrorists and helping brands sell more economically.

Q. What sets Sqreem apart from the other finalists?

A. All of the finalists have a purpose and are doing great things, but we think differently because we use software and engineering and everything people think about. We’re a small company based out of Singapore, but we have business in 40 countries and with a very small team of people, we have hundreds of clients. I think what makes us stand out is the fact is that we’re leveraging technology and innovation to scale across multiple markets with multiple customers.

Q. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned on your journey?

A. It’s about perseverance, energy and determination. Everybody asks me, ‘What’s your vision?’ My vision is to make payroll every month – and I’m serious! For us, we look at the little things: everybody gets paid, everybody gets gold and every week we do something different. We don’t have some grand vision of changing the world. Of course we want to, but in the small scheme of things we’re thinking about how to make payroll, how to find customers, and how to produce great products for our customers.

Q. Where do you stand on global warming?

A. We’re starting to think about global warming and sustainability in a very big way. We believe that all of the problems we have today can only be solved by innovative technology such as AI. We’ve also formed another company that will be launching soon, in which we’ve found an ability to tackle food waste. We’re going to put our AI to good use to start solving these problems because they’re going to affect companies worldwide. We firmly believe that issues surrounding sustainability and global warming can only be solved by technology.

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