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The revolutionary non-surgical facelift for busy CEOs

MAXMEDIALAB and MAXCONNECTORS CEO Lynette Phillips tried Ultraformer III and was astounded by the results. She shares the secret behind the success of this cutting-edge face tightening and lifting treatment that takes less than an hour.

Ultraformer III

As Founder and CEO of luxury full-service creative communications agency MAXMEDIALABS and influencer agency MAXCONNECTORS, Lynette Phillips is an industry powerhouse who always has several balls in the air. When she meets with her clients, she wants to look and feel her best.

But long days at the spa and invasive beauty procedures aren’t an option for Phillips. “I can’t commit to weekly or even monthly treatments or procedures with long recovery times,” she says. “I need a quick treatment that produces immediate results and allows me to carry on with my day.”

“When you spend so much time in front of clients, it’s a great feeling to know you can look and feel your best without having to go to extremes.”

When she heard about a new non-surgical facelift procedure called Ultraformer III, Phillips immediately knew that it ticked all the boxes for her. Using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), Ultraformer III delivers waves deep into the skin to stimulate collagen regeneration. The result is skin that is visibly lifted, contoured and tightened after just one session.

“A lot of aesthetic treatments focus on the surface of the skin whereas the Ultraformer III works on a deeper level to reveal a lifted and contoured look by tightening the skin,” says Phillips. “It works to sculpt the cheekbones, jawline and jowls and creates a subtle lift to the brows for a refreshed appearance around the eyes. The results are natural, so it’s not obvious that you’ve had something done, but my friends are all giving me compliments. I also love how easy the treatments are and how seamlessly they work with the rest of my beauty routine.”

A lunchtime facelift with visible results

Ultraformer III is gaining popularity amongst busy CEOs because it doesn’t require them to take time off work or hide away in their homes until the side effects of the treatment disappear.

“My favourite thing about Ultraformer III treatments is that they’re quick and there’s no downtime,” Phillips says. “The appointments are over within the hour because you’re not waiting around for numbing cream to work. And, unlike lasers or needling, you’re not left with a lot of redness, swelling or any lingering pain. I can be in and out during my lunch break and back to the office without anyone knowing I’ve had a treatment.”

“I saw an instant lift after my first treatment and the results only improved over time.”

Compared to other cosmetic procedures that can take days or weeks to kick in, Ultraformer III works right away. “I saw an instant lift after my first treatment and the results only improved over time,” Phillips says. “I was hooked after my second treatment and I’m still so impressed with the results. I only need to go back for an annual maintenance treatment now, so it’s perfect for my busy lifestyle.”

No pain and plenty of gain

It’s no secret that injectables and surgical facelifts can be painful and cause bruising, swelling and other complications. Not so with the gentle Ultraformer III.

“The treatments are really easy and there’s minimal discomfort,” Phillips says. “Some areas of the face and neck are more sensitive than others, but I’m still able to chat throughout the whole experience. Unlike other treatments, any discomfort is short-lived and over as soon as the treatment is done. I don’t have to worry about days of feeling uncomfortable or having to change my skincare routine. It’s life as normal as soon as I walk out with a boost to my complexion as an added bonus.”

Some women may want to combine Ultraformer III with injectables and Phillips says it’s entirely possible. “Ultraformer III is the kind of treatment you can do in addition to injectables if you’re smart about timing your treatments,” she explains. “It won’t get you the same results as going under the knife, but it’s much less of a commitment and for the right person can prolong the need for more invasive procedures like a facelift.”

Ultraformer III disrupts the beauty industry

Phillips believes Ultraformer III is a gamechanger for busy CEOs of all genders and cultural backgrounds. “When you spend so much time in front of clients, it’s a great feeling to know you can look and feel your best without having to go to extremes or have treatment appointments and downtime take over your calendar,” she says. “It’s also such a versatile option as it treats multiple areas of the face and body and, unlike other options, it’s safe for all skin tones.”

With the world reopening and face-to-face meetings becoming the norm, the time has never been better for CEOs to give their appearance and confidence a boost. “Putting a face to your business is more important than ever,” Phillips says. “Ultraformer III is the ultimate investment in putting your best face forward.”

Visit Ultraformer to see ambassador results, read treatment testimonials and find out more about the Ultraformer III technology.

Fast Facts

Ultraformer III is an optimum, non-invasive ultrasound device that lifts and tightens the face for a youthful complexion and tightens the body for slimmer contours.

It can be used to treat loose and sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, signs of ageing, skin folds, decrease in skin elasticity and V-line contouring.

Ultraformer III is owned by Cryomed Aesthetics, a local, dynamic and diverse company with Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland offices that was established 100 years ago.

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