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Europe’s most innovative startups converge at Vroom Summit

Tech executives and venture capitalists mingled with high-net-worth individuals at the Yacht Club de Monaco as Europe’s most disruptive startups competed for their attention and investment.

Vroom Summit, yacht

Futuristic solar-powered cars, an AR multiplayer game played on the streets, a biometric fingerprint for the art world, and a sustainable fashion ecosystem were just a handful of the exciting startups at the sixth annual VROOM Summit in Monaco.

As the French Riviera’s leading tech startup event, this year’s summit was the best one yet, featuring nine extraordinary startups, four internationally renowned guest speakers and 12 cutting-edge product sponsors on display.

On Friday 4 October, the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco was abuzz with more than 200 eager investors, family office representatives, tech executives, high-net-worth individuals, and venture capitalists – all looking for the next unicorn.

They then gathered in the conference room as each of the nine startups, handpicked from across Europe, outlined their vision for the future.

The jaw-dropping interactive products ranged from Icaros’s futuristic fitness equipment to Wave Italy’s Formula 1 simulator and Stajvelo’s electric bikes.

Two stunning yachts took prime position in the harbour, both designed by Monaco-based companies: the Porsche-designed yacht GTT 115 by Dynamiq, and the sleek Mercedes-designed yacht Arrow460 by Silver Arrows Marine.

Attendees were amazed by Fliteboard’s electric hydrofoil surfboard, McLaren’s dazzling orange 570S GT4, and eMotion’s electric customised Fiat 500.

Possible candidates for the next unicorn were Rundit with its investor reporting platform, Lightyear with the world’s first commercial long-range solar car, Proxy42’s augmented reality gaming, the SchoolFox parent-teacher communication tool.

Investors also took interest in the Kool and Konscious sustainable fashion ecosystem, InPlayer’s video streaming solution, Sailogy’s boat chartering marketplace, 4ARTechnologies augmented art authentication tool, and Pass the Keys property management platform.

The exclusive invitation-only fundraising event was hosted by special guest, Giuseppe Ambrosio, Head of the Monaco Single and Multi-Family Office International Association.

As the VROOM Summit continues to grow in size and prestige, the event hopes to expand to other cities in Europe including Cannes, Lugano, Zug and London.

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