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CEO Legacy Books: Capture your story

Leave your mark on the world through a luxury, hand-crafted coffee table book. Your children’s children will thank you.

CEO Legacy Books created by Ari Galper capture your success story.

Have you thought about your legacy and how you will be remembered?

“As people age, they start realising that it’s not what you have that’s important. It’s who you are and how you interact with the people you love that matters. The idea of legacy becomes ever more important,” Carolyn Rosenblatt, author and founder of elderly support network, says.

CEO and Founder of CEO Legacy Books Ari Galper has developed a way to capture your legacy and pass it onto those who are closest to you. “We came up with the idea of actually capturing people’s stories in this beautiful, exquisite luxury coffee table book,” Ari explains.

“It’s like a family heirloom that can be handed down, from generation to generation. Once they’ve passed, the next generation knows their story, their lessons learned, defining moments and acquired wisdom; it’s not a biography, it’s a memoir.”

Ari explains that when a successful CEO evolves to the next stage of their life, after working hard and creating financial success, having all the materials things they ever wanted, there is usually a deep emotional piece missing that they are longing to fulfil.

“This becomes a beautiful luxury heirloom they can feel proud to pass on to their family, so those they care about the most, will finally understand and remember their journey story” – Ari Galper

“They often think their legacy is about giving money away,” he says. “They say, ‘That’s my legacy, my name is on that building.’ But their journey story is never captured and shared. The creation of their bespoke legacy book is about being proud of their journey and knowing it will make a difference to others. This is not a self-marketing piece. It’s a personal gift to oneself and their family. It’s about being proud of their story, what they’ve accomplished, the sacrifices they’ve made and what they believe in.”

CEO Legacy Books created by Ari Galper captures your success story
Ari Galper developed a unique and personal way to capture your legacy.

CEO Legacy Books will personally guide you through the process, starting with a dinner at the Sydney Opera House with Ari. “It’s not a business decision,” Ari says. “It’s a personal decision. So, we talk over dinner about the story of their journey and relive it.”

You could say starting CEO Legacy Books was a personal decision for Ari. It’s not just a business for him; the heart of it comes from personal experience.

His grandmother, Pearl Galper, was an entrepreneur who was CEO of multiple businesses over the course of her life. Though she lived far away from him, Ari remembers that during the times he visited her, Pearl would share business lessons that she had learned as a business owner.

“When she passed at 101 years old, I felt not only a deep, personal loss but also a yearning for having known her detailed legacy story, which would have filled in the missing gaps of what I knew about her life,” he explains.

Now, Ari implores other business leaders to capture their legacy and tells them, “Your children, grandchildren and future generations need to know your story.”

The next step in creating your book is an interview process that minimises your time but “maximises the full breadth of your story and journey”. Designed with loved ones in mind, the luxury handcrafted coffee table book holds stories and photos that capture the CEO’s “unique lessons, triumphs, milestones, challenges, wisdom and defining moments”.

Ari revels in the sense of accomplishment that people feel when they finally have their story captured. “This is a beautiful luxury heirloom that they can feel proud to pass on to their family, so people will know what they went through,” he explains. “I love the idea of passing the story along.”

CEO Legacy Books is a sponsor of The CEO Magazine’s 2019 Executive of the Year Awards, and the winner of CEO of the Year will receive the gift of a Legacy Book.

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