It’s never been harder as a CEO. The pace of business is ever increasing and the demands on your time often seem unrelenting. The constant travel, board and management meetings, customer visits, and market briefings mean that you not only have to be smarter at how you manage your time but you need to look for innovative ways to keep up with the latest trends that will keep you and your company one step ahead of the pack.

A critical element often overlooked or misunderstood by many CEOs is the need to find time to invest in you. There is a direct correlation between a leader who manages their time effectively and invests time in his or her professional growth and that of a successful flourishing corporation. As a leader, you set the tone of the organisation, and if you display the following characteristics you will drive similar behaviour across your business that will assist in building an even stronger culture of productivity and innovation.

Due to the complex nature of the CEO role, I have compiled the following 10 tips to help you de-clutter your diary and ensure you have sufficient time to invest in you:

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